Rules, Completeness, and Style


BCBG Max Azria, St. Vital
Nikon F100
Fuji 400 H
1/60 @ f5.6

Black Caviar Productions:
Angela Vogt Schelleberg
Elayna Bilous
Nikon F100
Fuji 400 H
1/60 @ f2.8


BCBG Max Azria, St. Vital
Nikon F100
Fuji 400 H
1/100 @ f4.5

My camera and I were invited to BCBG Max Azria for the, “Behind Closed Doors,” event. As you may expect the store was bursting with style. Style may take many forms, however fashion is one of styles more ubiquitous manifestations. Fashion surrounds us. I am told that I dress well. I have heard it enough times that I will just accept it as fact, but I wouldn’t dress any differently knowing what I do about fashion. Fashion has provided me with a simplicity and sense of discovery that every physicist craves.

Style is the result of rules that when combined reaches some level of completeness gives birth to something that is, hopefully, esthetically pleasing. Completeness is a concept that I was exposed to during my study of mathematics. Simply, a number of rules or principles are needed to create a system. For example, knowing that the color of one’s shoes should match one’s belt is not enough to make a man stylish. More is needed to be complete and create style.

The various areas of physics like fashion have a style, or underlining rules or principles. Such as Newton’s laws and mechanics, or the postulates that make up relativity or quantum mechanics. Combined, the postulates of quantum mechanics give birth to a hibert space which is like a party in which the hermitian operators are the fashionable guests.  There many other operators in mathematics, but who want such disastrous guests.

Personally, fashion is fascinating, because I simply choose a set of rules, or principles, and discover what they create stylistically. I really do think of every outfit as a system created by a set of rules. The beauty of fashion is that these rules change and can be interpreted differently. Perhaps an intrinsic understanding of completeness is what fashion designers such as Max Azria and other great designers have. They can select a set of rules that consistently give birth to great fashion.

At the end my camera and I found rules, completeness, and style; but what I enjoyed most was the style!


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