Paul Keelly’s Fragmented

FragmentedPaul Keelly, is a fantastic electronic artist. His album, Fragmented, was released about a week ago. I have had a promotional copy of this album for quite some time now. When I first listened to Fragmented I thought very little of it. It seemed like a decent, but not a note worthy album. I listened to it again last week as the release date approached and it is really special. It moves gently, enveloping the listener in sound rather than smothering them in bass and sound. The more I listen to it the, more I love it. This is genuine affection; I have mountains of other music I can listen to. The artwork is simple, but suggests much. Those 3.5″ floppy disks weren’t just prone to fragmentation but corruption as well. They were like serpents simply waiting for an opportunity to strike misfortune upon unsuspecting users. It’s doubtful that anything like that will happen to Fragmented’s listeners, and thankfully those days of hoping your boot disks aren’t corrupted are over. Paul Keelly’s work is available on beatport. It won’t blow you away, but I am confident that everyone will find gems inside this release.

Fragmented on Beatport