About This Blog

I started this blog to explore my artistic side, as well as to practice writing. Writing is something I did very little of as undergrad. As a graduate of Andrews University’s bachelor of science program, double majoring in physics and math, and minoring computer science; ensured I rarely had to write an essay. If I am honest, essays where difficult for me. Thus in this blog, I am sure grammatical errors will happen, but I promise I will correct them when I find them.

On a more personal note, it is my belief that science and art have become too separated. This separation is more than natural result of the naturalistic philosophies that have molded scientific thinking, but our increasingly utilitarian outlook. Artistic endeavors do not have an immediately obvious benefit, because its influence is subtle and easily missed.

Also sadly, participating in science often negates participation in art, at least academically. So while I loved my physics and mathematics classes, I felt like another part of me needed to be explored. I attempted to explore my artistic side by: playing my bass clarinet in the wind symphony, djing with records, and spending as much time as possible with my camera in the studio; but no writing until now.

With this blog I intend to practice communicating. Communicating with words, with photography, and music. As I have grown to find art to be an immensely useful, and powerful, method of communication.


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